4 ways to qualify Any Interview-www.sscexamtricks.com

 When an interview of Candidates is going on, there are so many things happened. In other way, it can be understood that some things are happened in favor of interviewee and some are opposite to him/her. These adverse things are none other than consequences of unplanned interview or interviewee is not mentally prepared for the interview. Candidates must be physically and mentally prepared before attending interview schedule. He/she must have a positive attitude towards interview program and should not get feared from interview results. He/she must have certain points in mind that may help him/her to execute a fine and effective interview rather than a tense and hectic interview. These points are described as follows:

POINT 1: Positive Attitude
a)   Candidates should have positive frame of mind toward attending interview. There is no hesitation, fear and tension in his/her mind. This is because he/she has to perform well in interview and these problems do not help him/her to execute his/her skills in effective and impressive way. He/she must believe himself/herself and practiced enough that the chance of error/mistake may be eliminated. He/she must have a thought in mind that whatever would happen at the time of interview must be good enough to provide opportunity in him/her for improvement.

b)   Interview is an area where no one is perfect. Anyone can mistake in facing an interview. One positive thing he/she must remember that this is not in his/her hand to get selected in any interview but to learn from every interview session through proper conscious observation is in his/her hand. He/she attends every interview as a learner and try his/her level best to deliver every possible and appropriate answer.
c)    Candidates when performs in interview should work as self-observer. He/she observes all activity and response while answering any question in interview session.
d)   First of all listen every question carefully. Pay full attention to interviewer. Take your time to answer almost 5-8 seconds to deliver answer. Give appropriate and best possible answer politely and preciously.
POINT 2: Confidence with proper planning
a)    Prepare a neat and clean dairy in which all questions which are to be asked or already asked in any interview must be written. Prepare yourself by self-answering these questions in front of mirror.
b)   Be confident through proper reading of relevant materials.

c)    Properly planned activity in such a way that recruiter may ask next question to your own answer. This is achieved when planning may be strategic. This is happened when recruiter asks more about your training material which is also the area of interest of employer. Tell him/her confidently about your trainings/projects. Focus on training topic. Describe these topics in detail with an appropriate industrial example.
d)   Always display your weakness as strength. When you are asked about weakness then tell recruiter that when you do work you passionately complete it on or before prescribed time. So Some times, this may become a matter of jealousy to other employee and affect team work. This is my weakness.
POINT 3: Discipline, Punctuality and Practice
a)    Look and behave decent and gentle to show a personality. Never speak too much in any interview. Always speak specific. Whenever you are asked to answer then answer up to the point whatever you are asked with sound knowledge.
b)   Use technical language/industrial language to answer every question.
c)    Don’t show casual behavior and follow interview instructions provided by every industry.
d)   Reach the venue before half an hour.
e)    Practice with other participant by knowing their name and address. This may help you to keep calm and curious. This tact works in self-improvement with effective discussion. Never disclose facts and figure to everyone.
f)     Never show off in any interview.
g)    Never show that you are needy for the job. If you show that may affect you salary negotiation. You will never get that salary which you are deserved for. Handle situation with conscious and presence of mind.
POINT 4: General Instruction
a)    Be formal in dress. Never wear jeans and sports shoes in any interview.
b)   Never put hands on table with bend in body.
c)    Always asked to enter into room of recruiter as “SIR MAY I COME IN, PLEASE?”
d)   Don’t interrupt interview when he/she may speak on any topic. Show that you are a good listening ability. Do not fall any kind of argument with interviewer.
e)    Don’t do cross legs in interview. This may look odd to interviewer.
f)     Don’t get confuse and hesitate while answering any question. If you don’t know answer confesses that you don’t know but ready to know if recruiter has time to teach him/her.
g)    Read properly before attending any interview.
h)   Don’t speak fast. Speak slowly and make eye contact with recruiter. If it is possible answer with diagrams on a blank page.
i)      Don’t carry original documents with you. Always carry two photocopy set of all original documents. If it is asked to show original documents, tell them if you will show them all at the time of joining, excuse that original documents may be lost in journey.
j)      Don’t sit if you are not asked to do so in any interview. Sit properly when you are asked and wait for question.
k)   Don’t forget to tell interviewer that you learn many practical things from him/her.
l)      Leave positive note while leaving the interview room. Say “Thanks to give your precious time”.
m)  Don’t giggle car keys, bike keys etc. in any interview.
n)   Put a fresh piece / new piece of clothes.

To get selected in any interview depends up on many factors. These strategic tips and technique may help you to face an interview confidently and prudently. Following these instructions may keep you close to the selection but not assure your selection.