General Awareness questions for upcoming exams 2015- Curent Affairs-General Knowledge set of questions -

General Awareness questions for upcoming exams 2015- Download Current Affairs for Exam 2015-General Knowledge set of questions for Exam 2015 -  Check Daily GK Questions for Exam 2015 -
Here most important questions of General Awareness/current affairs are discussed for the purpose to improve your score in upcoming exams. These questions are prepared in such a way that 25 to 35 questions may be asked in upcoming exams 2015. Candidates may revise these Current Affairs questions of Last three months to improve performance/qualify in upcoming exams of SBI SSC IBPS exams. It is noted that many of questions has been asked in IBPS SBI and RRB exams in the month of December 2014. These questions of General Knowledge/ General Awareness/Current Affairs will boost your confidence to score cut off marks in exams.
Preparation of Current Affairs Questions - Last Four Months
The set is prepared from current affairs of last four months i.e. September, October, November and December 2014. There is Most Important questions of General Knowledge discussed with brief details. These questions are arranged in such a manner that it gets easily memorize by the candidate with a single revision of the set. These questions may help candidate to achieve success.
General Awareness-General Knowledge-Current Affairs All Updates
Keep reading blog . This blog provides readers such important material which may help candidate to achieve their goal to get government job with in a preparation of 3-4 months only.
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Importance of General Awareness set of Questions
These questions are also provided in Current Affairs PDF format which are easy to download and can be taken as permanent data for revision.
General Awareness - February 2015 Current Affairs

·         Under 17 FIFA World Cup Hosted By – India
·         Crime and Criminal Trading Network System started at – Himachal Pradesh
·         Newly Appointed Director of Indo-Tibbat Border Police – Krishna Chaudhary
·         KINS Prize 2015 won by – Amartya Sen
·         New Cyber Security Agency CTIIC established by – USA
·         Indian Neutrino Laboratory INO is situated at – Theni
·         National Voter Service Portal started by Centre on – 25th January 2015
·         Falkan9 is produced by – SpaceX
·         Humanoid Robot-Staffed Hotel will be open at – Nagasaki, Japan
·         India’s First Digital Bank (Pocket Service) on Mobile Phone started by – ICICI Bank
·         Facebook tie up with Relience Communication Limited in India to start -
·         In Election at Delhi Vidhansabha Election 2015 AAP got record votes – 54.3%
·         10th February – National Cleanliness Day
·         Himalaya Darshan Program started by – Uttrakhand

General Awareness Current Affairs Question set
Learn Banking Awareness by Arihant Experts
1.    15th January 2015 – 67th Sena Divas
2.    18th January 2015 - National Vaccination Day
3.    Reserve Bank of India reduce REPO Rate – 8% to 7.5%
4.    RBI ATM transection limit is applied on - Pune and Raipur
5.    The note which is partially or fully obliterated is called - Mutilated Note
6.    E-BAAT means - Electronic Banking Awareness and Technology
7.    What is current Cash Reserve Ratio (CRR) - 4%
8.    What is the minimum value of Real Time Gross Service (RTGS) - 2 Lakh
9.    Banking Ombudsman works for - Solving Customer Complaints
10.  Children can’t have which types of Account - Current Account
11.  Payment Gateway is first set up by - State Bank of India (SBI)
12.  Face to Face video communication facility - Indusind Bank
13.  Capital of Australia-Canberra
14.  Netherlands currency–Euro
15.  Paremal Murugun  Retired Recently - Tamil Writter
16.  Water Revolutionary Year – 2015 – 16
17.  Ghela Bhai Naik died recently – Freedom Fighter (with Vallab Bhai Patel) from Gujrat
18.  National Bravery Award 2014 – 16 Boys & 8 Girls
19.  Rajni Kothari died recently was a famous – Political Scientist
20.  World Cogress 2018 on Information Technology will be organized by – Hyderabad
21.  Top Company which earn Maximum Net Profit in 2014 – Tata Consultancy Services (TCS)
22.  Most Expensive Bank in top 50 Bank list- HDFC
23.  Bhakti Sharma made world record in Swimming
24.  Life Time Achievement Award 2015 in Jaipur Film Festival – Majid Majidi
25.  Jimjang Deru made Weight Lifting World Record (238 Kgs Weight lifted by 56 Kg category ) in 10th Youth Weigh lifting Championship
26.  Newly Appointed Ambassador of Nepal – Deep Kumar Uppadhey
27.  MSME Banking Pioneer Award – Corporation Bank
28.  FIFA Ballon D’Or Award 2014 in Female won by – Nadin Kesler
29.  Social Media Person Award 2015 won by –Amitabh Bachhan
30.  Two CNG Based Railway Trains –Rewari to Rohtak and Reward to Bikaner
31.  SIDNI International Tennis Tournament 2015 won by – Petra Kwuitowa
32.  Giraffe Hero Award 2015 won by – Subhash Chander Aggrawal
33.  Leela Semsun resigned as director of Censor Board of Indian Films.
34.  FIFA Footballer Award 2014 won by – Kiristiyano Ronaldo
35.  Chennai Open Award 2015 won by – Stanislas Wawrinka
36.  Indian Water Week – 13th January to 17th January
37.  Roger Federer belong which game-tennis
38.  Raudolf Henry Beyer took last breath was known as - Father of Video Game
39.  Newton-Bhabha Fund established by - United Kingdom
40.  4th Cricket World Cup of Blind won by - India
41.  Slogan “Make for India” is recommended by - Raghu Ram Rajan
42.  Swiss Ambassador Award 2014 won by -Ajij Premji
43.  “ Sagar Mala” Scheme associated with - Modernization of Ports
44.  “Time Persons of the Year” nominated to - Ebola Fighters
45.  NPPA is associated with fixing price of - 52 Medicines
46.  Facebook published new tools to control over advertisement for fixed time period by users.
47.  KONITWAUGH INDIA launched GORRILA GLASS-4 to save screen for breakage of fall down.
48.  Full Form of IPTL - International Premier Tennis League
49.  Full form of TTCI - Travel and Tourism Competitive Index
50.  Full Form of GST - Goods and Services Tax
51.  7th December - Indian Armed Forces Flag Day
52.  10th December - International Human Right Day
53.  14th December - National Energy Conservation Day
54.  21st June - International Yoga Day (Recommended by PM Narender Modi)
55.  Newly Appointed Chief of Intelligence Bureau (IB) of India - Dineshwar Sharma
56.  New ONLINE Program launched by CBSE launched to affiliated schools - Saransh
57.  New Member of MIGA - Bhutan (Now Total becomes - 181)
58.  Newly Appointed PM of Mauritius - Anerood Jugauth
59.  Newly Appointed Honorary Member of International Olympic Committee - Randhir Singh
60.  Hockey Champions Trophy 2014 won by - Germany
61.  World Grand Table Tennis Championship won by - Mima Lto and Miu Hirano (Both of Japan)
62.  Miss World 2014 won by - Ms. Rolene Strauss (South Africa)
63.  Railway Minister Suresh Prabhu instructed to conduct ONLINE Examination for Railway Written Test.
64.  UN reported INDIAN economic progress to 6.3% up to end of 2016.
65.  Karnatak started Mobile Governance Portal- Mobile One Services.
66.  TIME Magazine Reader Poll 2014 won by - Narender Modi by Online Voting
67.  Full Form of INDC - Intended Nationally Determined Contributions
68.  Full Form of OLC - International Olympic Committee
69.  Full form of MIGA - Multilateral Investment Guarantee
70.  Newly Appointed US Ambassador - Richard Rahul Verma
71.  Miss Universal Peace and Humanity Award 2014 won by - Ruhi Singh
72.  Google News is banned by - Spain
73.  GST Services is interrupted by Patrol Tax, Entry Tax, Compensation
74.  Country Threat Index Topped by - Irak
75.  Recently Successfully launched Rocket by ISRO - Mark II Pinaka Rocket
76.  D. K. Mittal Committee concern with Finance Health of Railway
77.  Recently Banned Cricketer for Suspected Bowling Action - Mohm. Hafiz
78.  Recently launched Communication Satellite - G-Set 16
79.  The Book named “The Dramatic Decade: The Indira Gandhi Years” written by - Pranab Mukharjee
80.  In INDIA, YOU TUBE provided OFFLINE Facility. A YOU TUBE video needs to be downloaded to watch OFFLINE.
81.  15th Summit finished with signing of 20 Agreements between INDIA and RUSSIA including defense, energy, petroleum etc.
82.  RUSSIA agreed to manufacture Helicopter and 12 MT Reactor in INDIA.
83.  India won Junior Hockey Test Series by 4-1 defeated New Zealand in the Final.
84.  2nd OCT - World Piece Day
85.  4th OCT - World Animal Day
86.  5th OCT - World Teachers Day
87.  6th OCT - World Environment Day
88.  9th OCT - World Post Day (Week)
89.  10th Oct 2014 - Saving Bank Day
90.  11th Oct 2014 - Mails Day
91.  13th Oct 2014 - Philatel Day
92.  14th Oct 2014 - Business Development Day
93.  15th Oct 2014 - Personal Lify Insurance Day
94.  10th OCT - National Mental Health Day
95.  11th OCT - World Girl Child Day
96.  13th OCT - International Day for Disaster Reduction
97.  16th OCT - World Food Day
98.  17th OCT - International Day for Eradication of Poverty
99.  New Chief Minister of Tamil Nadu - O. Pannerselvam
100.       New CEO (Chief Executive Officer) of Jet Airways - Cremer Ball
101.       New MD of Chennai Petroleum Corporation Limited (CPCL) - Gautam Roy
102.       New Chief of Current Affairs of India - Dr. Arvind Subramaniam (for 3yrs)
103.       New Secretary of Current Affairs of India - Ratan P. Watal
104.       New Prime Minister of Yemen - Khaled Bahah
105.       New President of Tata International -
106.       New President of Bolivia - EVO Morales
107.       New President of NIIT - Rahul Keshav Patwardhan
108.       New Interim CVC (Central Vigilance Commission) Head -  Rajiv
109.       New CEO of Jet Airways - Cramer Ball
110.       New UNICEF Ambassador for South Asia - Aamir Khan
111.       India Position in 17th Asian Games 2014
112.       1st Position - China
113.       2nd Position - South Korea
114.       3rd Position - Japan
115.       8th Position - India with (Total 57 medals - 11 Gold, 9 Silver & 37 bronze).
116.       18th Asian Games to be hosted by Indonesia.
117.       Merry Kom became first woman who won Gold Medal in Boxing in Asian Games.
118.       Most Valuable Player of India’s Asian Games 2014 - Merry Kom
119.       Indian Hockey Team  won gold medal in Asian Games qualified for Olympics which will be held in
120.       Global Diversity Award 2014 won by Shah Rukh Khan.
121.       Man Booker Prize 2014 won by Richard Flanagan by Book ‘The narrow Road to the Deep North’.
122.       International Female Police Piece Keeper Award won by Shakti Devi (Indian Police Woman)
123.       Best Central Governor Award 2014 won by Raghuram Rajan (RBI Governor)
124.       Lal Bahadur Shastri Award 2014 won by Apatukatha Shivtanu Pilly.
125.       Sir Rouse Masud  life time achievement award won by Hamid Sayaid
126.       Waislitz Global Citizen Award 2014 won by  Anup Jain.
127.       Maharani Elizabeth honorary Knighthood Award won by Mickel Blumburg.
128.       Nobel Prize 2014 in Physics won by Blue LED.
129.       Nobel Prize 2014 in Chemistry won by Eric Betzig (America) and William Moerner along with Stefan Hall (Germany)
130.       Nobel Prize 2014 for Piece - Kailash Satyarthi (India) & Malala Yusufzai (Pakistan)
131.       Nobel Prize 2014 for Literature - Patrick Madino (France)
132.       Nobel Prize 2014 for Economics - JeanTirole (France)
133.       Sansad Adarsh Gram Yojna is launched by PM Narender Modi.
134.       ‘Nirbhay’ sub-sonic cruise missile successfully tested in Chandipur Orisha.
135.       Range-700Km
136.       Surface to Air
137.       India started container service for the purpose of increasing business with Myanmar.
138.       ‘Shramev Jayate’reform by Pandit Deen Dayal Upadhay to boost ‘Make In India’ compaign.
a.    World Hunger Index of India - 55th Rank
b.    Most Hungry - Brundi
c.    Pakistan & Bangladesh - 57th Rank
d.    Sri Lanka - 39th Rank
139.       Hewlett Packard had decided into two parts work as social trading company.
140.       NCC National Games 2014 to be hosted by New Delhi.
141.       Gemany help India by 4 Million Euro’s for Sanitation Programs.
142.       Texas was the first place where Ebola virus case was observed in US (United State).
143.       Swedish Parents born world first baby by transplanted womb by Rokitanaski Syndrom technique.
144.       SAARC Capital for Year 2015-16 - Bamiyan & for year 2016-17 - Dhaka
145.       T-20 Champions league won by Channai Super Kings.
146.       First Solar Rechargeable Battery is developed by Ohiyo State University.
147.       First Hindu Champlain at Geogetown University in US - Pratima Dharm
148.       First Facebook based Money Transfer by - Kotak Mohindra through Key Pay
149.       Latest Fall Afoul of ICC ban bowling - Prosper Uteseya (Zimbabwe) – 150 Arm Twist Rule
150.       New York Times published grievance for representing India’s Mars Mission Cartoons.
151.       Mangalyan was equipped with Methane Gas sensors when sent to Mars.
152.       Microsoft launched new window operating system WINDOW 10.
153.       G-20 headed by Australia.
154.       IRNSS 1C successfully launched by India.
155.       1st State to allow 33% reservation for women in govt. jobs - Gujrat
156.       World Best Brand by Annual Report 2013-14
a.    1st Brand- Apple
b.    2nd Brand - Google
c.    3rd Brand - Coca-cola
d.    4th Brand - IBM
157.       Cigratte Companies have to follow - 60% Picture & 25 Warning Text
158.       World Largest burden of Global Blindness - India
159.       Total cases - Around 3.5 Million
160.       Average cases per year - 30,000 new every year
161.       Young Leader of Tomorrow - AlokShetty (Indian Architect) by Time Magazine.
162.       New Chief of NCW (National Commission for Women) - Lalitha Kumar Mangalam
163.       New Chairman of LokSabha Ethic Committee - Sh. LalKrishanAdwani
164.       New President (Head) of IEA (International Economic Association) - KaushikBasu
165.       New Chairman of SBI - Arandhati Bhattacharya
166.       New Chairman of QCI (Quality Council of India) - AdiZanibulBhai for 3years term.
167.       New Chinese Ambassador to India - Li- Yucheng
168.       New US Ambassador to India  - Richard Rahul Verma by Barak Obama
169.       PankajAdvani player of Snooker &Biliard had declared his retirement.
170.       Li na Chinese Tennis player declared retirement of her career.
171.       First State to ratify NJAC (National Judicial Appointment Commission) Bill - Rajasthan
172.       National Academy for Railway security - Maula Ali in Secunderabad serve as “STATE OF ART”
173.       6th Sept - International Day for Preservation of OZONE Layer declared by UN General Assembly
174.       7th November - National Cancer Awareness Day
175.       14th Sept - Hindi Divas
176.       World’s Best University - Massachusett’s Institute of Technology (consecutively 3rd year)
177.       Basket Ball World Cup 2014 won by US (United States).
178.       18th Asian Games will be hosted by Jakarta in Indonesia (second time before 1962).
179.       Tokyo Open 2014 won by SaniaMirza& Cara Black
180.       Calcutta Football League Premier Division Tournament won by ‘East Bangal’ consecutively 6th time.
181.       Two Indian won ‘lg Nobel prize’ - Dr. SonalSardiya&NarenRamakrishanan
182.       FASTag - Electronic Toll Collection launched by Centre deduce toll by RFID tag affixed on the wind shield of the vehicle.
183.       Life Time Achievement Award - Sachin Tendulkar (Sports) & Halen Salim Khan (Film)
184.       EdwadMawthoh from Maghalaya won bronze medal in World Kick boxing Championship 2014 held in Italy. (Under 16 sports & 48 kg Category)
185.       Winner of Afghanistan Presidential Election - Ashraf Ghani
186.       Prime Minister of Japan - Shinzo Abe
187.       Vice President of Ancient Nalanda University started with 2 schools, 15 students and 11
188.       Faculty in Bihar - GopalSabhrawal
189.       New Governor of Kerala - S. Sadhasivam (Ex. Cheift Justice of India-40th )
190.       New Prime Minister of Australia - Tony Abott
191.       Richest Indian - MukeshAmbani (consecutively 3rd time)
192.       President of Pakistan - MamnoonHussain
193.       Head of ‘Swatch Bharat’ National Sanitation Compaign - RaghunathAnandMashelkar
194.       China did not get successful in Mars Mission & India is the first country who got successfully conducted Mars Mission ‘Mangalyan’ which recently covered 680 Million Km distance to Mars and reached after completion of duration of 10 months.
195.       Who proposed to set up SAARC centre for Good governance - India (by Sh. Rajnath)
196.       Who launches free SMS Services in five languages (Hindi, Sanskrit, Nepali, Marathi, Dongri) - All India Radio
197.       Scotland choose to stay with UK (United Kingdom) after voting.
198.       President of China who visited Delhi in India - Xi-Jinpings
199.       Annual Global competitiveness rank of India released by Geneva Based World Economic Forum- 71st
a.    Switzerland - 1st
b.    Singapore  - 2nd
c.    United States - 3rd
200.       Break up of Stake in RRB  - Centre 50% : Sponsored bank 35% : State Govt. 15%
201.       New Defense Minister of India - R. K. Mathur
202.       New Prime Minister of Iraq - HaiderAbadi
203.       Chief of Indian Air Force - Arup Raha
204.       New Chief Justice of India - H. L. Dutta (42nd )
205.       31st Day - World Tabacco day
206.       5th September - Teacher’s Day - Birth of 2nd President of India DrSarvepalliRadhaKrishanan - International Day of Charity - Death Anniversary of Mother Teresa
207.       8th September - International Literacy Day
208.       Largest Cotton producer in 2012-13 - Gujrat
209.       New Chairman of Railway - Arunendra Kumar
210.       Home secretory of India - Anil Goswami
211.       Water Conservation Year - 2015
212.       Chief Justice of people court in India - Justice V. R. Krishna Iyer
213.       Govt. released mobile application to facilitate foreign and domestic tourism in India - ‘Incredible India’ (developed by National Information centre tell govt. recognized service provider)
214.        First State to launch Health Adalat - Karnataka
215.       UNESCO declared world Biosphere reserve- Nicobar Island
216.       ‘The Lives of others’- A novel written by Indian origin Author Neel Mukharjee shortlisted for Man Booker Prize 2014 in Fiction Category.
217.       17th Asian games (19th Sept to 4th Oct ) held at - Incheon of South Korea
218.       ICC Suspends Pakistani Off Spinner for illegal action (twist arm more than 15o for ball spinning) - SaeedAjmal
219.       US Open Men Single Title won by - Crotia’s Marin Cilic
220.       US Open Double Mix 2014 cup won by - SaniaMirza  (India) and Bruno Soares (Brazil)
221.       RBI declared age limit for MD and CEO for Private Banks - 21-70 years
222.       Capital of Switzerland  - Bern
223.       Satellite Mars Orbiter Mission completed 300 days -  Mangalyan
224.       Next G-20 summit (2015) is to be held in – Turkey
225.       Capital of Bhutan – Thimpu
226.       Currency of Italy – Euro
227.       Current CRR – 4%
228.       Minimum RTGS – 2 lakh

229.       External Affair Minister of India – Sushma Swaraj
230.       Work of Banking Ombudsman – Solving customer complaints.
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