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SBI Associate Bank Clerk Exam Answer Keys of 21st February & 24, 25 January 2015– General Awareness questions & Answers

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State Bank of India (SBI) has successfully conducted online examination for the posts of clerk for Associate Bank on 21st February 2015 & 24th and 25th January 2015. The General Awareness, Banking Awareness and Computer Knowledge questions asked in online written exam of both shifts i.e. Morning & Evening are discussed. Candidates can match their questions/answer keys to access their performance in the exam.
SBI Clerk Exam 2015 Associate Bank Answer Keys of 21st February 2015

1.     Which day is on 20 February  - World Social Justice Day
2.     What is the Japan Currency - Japanese Yen
3.     Cricket World Cup 2019 will be hosted by – England

4.     Which sports the players Ajinke Rahane and Raidu related to - Cricket
5.     In which state Savio Cup was held at - Maharashtra
6.     Who is CRPF head IAS cadre officer - Durga Prasad
7.     New Appointment as Foreign Secretary of India - S. Jaishankar
8.     In which state Chillika lake situated at - Orissa
9.     World Food Program related to which country - Rome
10.  Orapa, largest diamond mine - Botswana
11.  Mutual Funds regulates by-  SEBI
12.  One questions asked from Open cheque/ cross cheque
13.  What is the name of Recent Zimbabwe President - Robert Mugabe
14.  What is the currency of Malaysia- Ringgit
15.  What is the currency of Thailand- Baht
16.  Which country Chao lake is situated at – China

SBI Clerk Written Exam 2015 – Answer Keys of 24th and 25th January 2015
General Awareness questions, Banking Awareness questions & Computer Knowledge questions
1.    What is the Full form of CVV - Card Verification Value
2.    What is the Full form of BSBA - Basic Savings Bank Account
3.    What is the currency of Pakistan - Pakistani Rupee
4.    What is the Full Form of CASA – Curren Account Saving Account
5.    What is the name of the book on Sachin autobiography-Playing It My Way
6.    According to census 2011 which of the following state has highest urban - Maharastra

7.    How many bytes in 1 MB = 1024 kB
8.    Where is the UNISCO Headquater situated at - Paris
9.    Where of the following state had started Bharatnatyam - Tamil Nadu
10.  Which is the following is the range of AGNI IV Missile- 3,000 – 4,000 km
11.  Which of the following Celebrity will visit India - Barak Obama
12.  Which of the following minimum capital is required to start a new bank - 100 Crore
13.  Which of the following is Afghanistan Currency - Afghan Afghani
14.  Which of the following state Bihu dance related to - Assam
15.  Which of the following country won Hockey Champions Trophy 2014 = Germany
16.  Which is the Capital of Australia-Canberra
17.  Which of the following sports Roger Federer belongs to- tennis
18.  12th January - National Youth Day
19.  10th October - Saving Bank Day
20.  4th February -  World Cancer Day
21.  Which day on 1st December - BSF Foundation day
22.  Which of the following is the Head quarter of International court of justice - The Hague
23.  Which bank Payment Gateway is first set up by = State Bank of India (SBI)
24.  Which of the following year is Water Conservation Year = 2015
25.  Which of the following prize was given to Raghuram Rajan recently - Governer of the Year
26.  Which of the following IMF headquaters situated at -Washingaton D.C. 
27.  Which of the following is the currency of Philippines - Philippine peso
28.  Which of the following is capital of Brazil - Brasilia
29.  Which of the among sports Sarita Devi belongs to - Boxing
30.  Which of the following one RBI doesn't control - ICICI Prudential
31.  Which of the following state has highest mortality rate - Odisha
32.  Who is the External Affair Minister of India –.Sushma Swaraj
33.  Who is the author of Book ‘Dramatic Decade’ -Pranab Mukherjee
34.  Who is the Chief Economic advisor to GOI - Arvind Subramanian
35.  Who is the following Actor won Global Diversity Award 2014- Shah Rukh Khan.
36.  Who won Man Booker Prize 2014 - Richard Flanagan
37.  Who won Nobel Prize 2014 in Micro Economics - Amartya Sen
38.  Who is the following is the New Chief Director - Mr. Anil Kumar Sinha
39.  Who is Punkaj Mishra - Writer
40.  Who among the following is the chairman of NITI AYOG - Narendra Modi
41.  Who among the following is newly appointed chief of Intelligent Bureau - Dineshwar Sharma
42.  What is the currency of Netherlands –Euro
43.  What is the full form of PMJDY – Pradhan Mantri Jan Dhan Yojana
44.  Which of the following Team win T-20 Champions league - Channai Super Kings.
45.  First Solar Rechargeable Battery is developed by Ohiyo State University.
46.  Raudolf Henry Beyer took last breath was known as = Father of Video Game
47.  Recently Gyan Sangam Held in Pune For what Purpose - Banking Reform
48.  Where was the APEC summit 2014 held - Beijing

49.  Where will Commonwealth Game 2018 organize- Gold Coast, Australia
50.  Which of the following date is reserved as National voters day - 25th January

51.  Which of the following is the capital of Argentina - Buenos Aires
52.  What is the currency of Greece – Euro