SBI Clerk PO for Associate Bank Answer Keys Question Paper Solution -

SBI Clerk PO for Associate Bank Answer Keys Question Paper Solution -
These questions asked in SBI Clerk 2015 are discussed here to revise question paper and answer keys to the future aspirants or those candidates who are preparing for these exams. The question paper solution / answer keys are discussed for General Awareness, Reasoning, English and Quantitative Aptitude sections. Some General Awareness questions has been asked in 15th February 2015 in SBI Clerk Exam for Associate Bank. Here General Awareness and Computer Intelligence questions which was asked in SBI PO 2014 for Associate Bank on 9, 15, 23, 29 November 2014 Exam-Objective and Descriptive Exams are discussed to improve the performance in upcoming SBI Exams.
General Awareness Computer Intelligence Questions Answer Keys
These important questions show the pattern of general awareness and computer intelligence questions which may be revised in upcoming exams. The Answer Keys are provided to check performance of individual in Exam.

Objective and Descriptive Exam asked questions Answer Keys
There is objective as well as descriptive questions which were asked in SBI PO Exam are provided for the convenience of candidates. Descriptive questions include topics of Essay, Letter, Paragraph and Precise writing.

SBI Clerk for Associate Bank answer Keys questions asked in 15th February 2015

·         Full Form of URL = Uniform resource locator
·         Full form of ISDN = Integrated services digital network
·         Full form of MMID = Mobile Money Identifier
·         Warmest Year - 2014
·         Recent Defense Minister of India - Manohar Parikar
·         Head Quarters of UNICEF - New York
·         Jim Corbett National park is situated at - Uttarakhand 
·         Capital of Denmark - Copenhagen
·         Name of two new earth like Planets discovered - Kepler 438-B and Kepler 442-B
·         Currency of China - Yuan
·         RBI deduced Repo Rate by - 25 basis points
·         15th January – Army Day
Maximum Gold Mines Country - China

SBI PO for Associate Bank Answer Keys Questions asked in 9, 15, 23, 29 November 2014 Exam-Objective and Descriptive Exams

General Awareness and Computer Intelligence Objective Questions

1.    Full form of MTSS = Money Transfer Service Scheme
2.    Minister for Tribal Affairs = Jual Oram
3.    Ctrl + A =  To select entire document
4.    Head quarter of Allahabad bank =
5.    Router is a = Networking Device
6.    To open a new workbook sheet which key is used = Cntrl+ N
7.    Full form of NIM = Net interest margin
8.    Full form of NPA = Non Performing Asset
9.    Full form of NAV = Net Asset Value
10.  Full form of LAN = Local Area Network
11.  Full form of ASCII code = American Standard Code For Information Interchange
12.  Full form of BIOS= Basic Input Output System
13.  Man Booker Prize won by the writer of the book "The Narrow Road to the Deep North" which won the 2014 = Richard Flanagan
14.  Vice president of United States of America = Joe Biden
15.  First page of website=Home Page
16.  Reason for cancellation of recent India tour by West Indies cricket team = Payment structure dispute between the players & board
17.  Ctrl + S = To save a document
18.  New cheif economic adivsor = Arvind Subramanian
19.  SHIFT+Delete = Permanently delete a task
20.  New chief Minister of which state Manohar Lal Khattar = Haryana
21.  Which is the central banking system of the United States = Federal Reserve System
22.  SBI's insurance wing = SBI Life
23.  Most commonly used financial instrument = Repo Rate
24.  SEBI is a = Market Regulator 
25.  One question on Benefit of Packaging
26.  Full form of IC= Integrated Circuit
27.  Full form of IFSC = Indian Financial System Code
28.  Function of cntl + delete = To delete a particular word
29.  Man Booker Prize 2014 won by = Richard Flanagan
30.  MICR code consists of how many digits = 9
31.  Maximum time for credit of amount transferred through RTGS = 30 Minutes
32.  India's first home grown subsonic cruise missile Nirbhay was successfully test fired from = Chandipur, near Balasore in Orissa
33.  Channel in August 2014 bagged Champions Tennis League broadcast rights = Sony Six
34.  What do not comes under packaging = Quality of the code developed
35.  Shortcut key to go bottom of a document in MS word = Ctrl + End
36.  Set of computer standards are called= Protocols
37.  Recently TCS was in news for a merger with a company called = CMC Limited 
38.  Commercial paper has a fixed maturity of no more than .... days = 270 days
39.  Which of these form internal body of an organisation = Employees
40.  Mortgage= To use one's real property as a guarantee for a loan to get money.
41.  SBI launched savings bank account for childern above 10 years named = "'Pehli Udaan'
42.  Regulator of mutual funds in India = SEBI
43.  Name the biography of tennis player Roger Federer =  Roger Federer Story: Quest For Perfection
44.  Full form of ISDN = Integrated Services Digital Network
45.  An output device = Scanner
46.  Internet explorer = Browser
47.  Extension used for MS word = Dot doc and dot docx
48.  Full Form of NPS = New Pension Scheme
49.  Full form of PDF = Portable Document Format
50.  Full form of PMEGP = Prime Minister's Employment Generation Program
51.  Full form of GDACS = Global Disaster Alert and Coordination System
52.  Full form of NABARD = National Bank Agricultural and Rural Development
53.  NBFC deals in which services = Housing Finance Services
54.  Which facility is provided for children by SBI = Saving Account
55.  On which day was world Rabies day = 28th September
56.  Who is the author of “The God of Small Things” = Arundathi Roy
57.  Who is the regularity body of RRB  = NABARD
58.  Maximum shareholder in Punjab National Bank = Central Government
59.  NBFC deals in = Non- Banking Finance
60.  Who Tennis Player = Lionel Messi
61.  MMID is linked with = Mobile Banking
62.  Currency notes are made up of = Pure Cotton Fibre
63.  How RBI wants to control inflation =  Increase the Repo rate
64.  Full form of PDF = Portable Document Format
65.  Full form of PING = Packet Inter Net Groper
66.  Ctrl + S in MS Word = To save a file or document
67.  IPv6 addresses are how many bits long = 128
68.  Processor speed measured in = GHz

Descriptive Questions

1.    Letter
a.    Warning to a laptop seller against replacement of defective laptop even after completing of 30days of purchase.
b.    To dish operator for discontinuation of your service temporarily.
c.    To editor of newspaper regarding electronic waste.
d.    To ISRO team to congratulate on Mars Orbiter Mission success.
e.    Letter to BSNL Manager for Surrender of Land Line Phone ,
f.     Bank Manager to Open in your nearby Area,
g.    To Press Reporter about increasing ratio of crime against women.
h.    A letter to your parents for sending Rs. 6000 for educational tour
i.      Complaint for Consumer forum money minded coaching
j.      To bank manager to unblock your debit card blocked after attempting wrong pin
k.    To the editor of the newspaper for complaining against the lack of security in parks of your society

2.    Essay
a.    Stable government is important for economic Growth
b.    Advantages and Disadvantages of e-Commerce
c.    Outsourcing of Banking activities
d.    NABARD as a boon for Agriculture Sector
e.    Importance of Personal Goal in Life
f.     Beneficiary of FDI in retail-Consumer, Farmer, Investor
g.    Role of banking sector in CSR activities
h.    Discuss Self-attestation of documents (merits and demerits).
3.    Paragraph
a.    Benefits of Online Shopping
b.    Quality of Product in Manufacturing
c.    Responsibility of a business organization is towards owner
d.    No one can hurt yourself except you
e.    Corruption starts with mind”, Qualities to be successful in life
f.     Cleanliness is Godliness ,
g.    All that Glitters is not Gold
4.    Precise
a.    Labour laws and manufacturing.
The exam was conducted ONLINE on various centre in all over the country. The important questions are provided on the memory base of candidates who had appeared in the exams.
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