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Math Short Tricks SImple Interest for SBI, IBPS, RRB, SSC CHSL Exam 2015-16

Math Short Tricks for SBI, IBPS, RRB Exam 2015-16 - Short Cut Math Simple Interest questions in 2 Minutes. It is found that at least 2-3 questions are given to calculate simple interest format based questions in SSC IBPS or other exam format. These questions are very easy to solve by using SUPER SPECIAL TRICKS.
Just Read and Remember - No Revision Required Based Math Short Tricks

Math Short Tricks of Simple Interest in 2 Minutes for SBI, IBPS, RRB Exam 2015-16

These SUPER SPECIAL TRICKS helps in getting CUT-OFF score in exams. Use these tricks to solve SIMPLE INTEREST BASED QUESTIONS in any of the competitive exam.
SUPER SPECIAL TRICKS to solve SIMPLE INTEREST questions Top are described as follows:
1.      Amount  = Principle + Simple Interest (SI)
2.      Take Principle = Rs. 100/- always.
3.      Count SIMPLE INTESTEST (SI) = Rate x Time
Where Rate in %age and Time in Years. Use SI Table for Rate & Year
(On the basis of Principle amount = 100).
RATE (%age)
4.      If successive increase in rate of interest is given for two different sums for same period of time say increase in rate of interest are X% and Y% for Z years. Then the average rate of interest on these two different sum = X + Y + (X.Y)/100 (for clarity see examples).
5.      If any sum becomes X times in any Y years at any simple rate of interest , then the same times will be continue for next same no. of years (for clarity see examples).
6.      If any sum becomes X times in any Y times at any SI, then percentage rate of interest will be calculated first by doing [(X-1)] and then multiply this value to Y*100.
7.      If any sum becomes X times in any Y years at any SI.
Y Years
Let Sum 1---------------------X (times)
                        ?  Years
1---------------------------Z (times)
So the time required to obtain the sum Z times first do (Z-1) and then (X-1)] then multiply these two values with Y.
8.      If any sum becomes X times at Y% rate of interest (RI).

Let sum 1-------------------------------------X (times)

Then SI per year will be calculated by first do (X-1) then divided this value by/Y and last multiply by 100 to get the RI in %age.

Some Examples of Math Short Tricks for IBPS / SBI/ SSC CHSL Exam 2015-16

Question 1:
If a sum gets double itself at a rate of 15% per year for a certain period of time. Calculate the SI.

15% RI
Let sum 1-------------------------------------2 (times)

Then SI = [(2-1)/15]*100 = 20/3 = 6.67

Similarly use these SUPER SPECIAL TRICKS to solve such Simple Interest questions.

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Origin of Math Short Cut Tricks Discussed Here
These tricks are basically derived on the basis of no. of years of experience in field of teaching/ reading competitive books. Aspirants can directly use such trick to improve their score in any competitive exam.