Work & Time (Lesson 2) Math Short Cut Tricks for IBPS SBI RRB Exam 2016

Work & Time (Lesson 2) Math Tricks – Download Work and Time Math Short Cut 2 for IBPS SBI RRB Exam 2017.

Work & Time (Lesson 2) Math Short Cut for IBPS SBI RRB Exam 2017

However, we have discussed in lesson 1 and have clearly understood about how to use math short cut trick of Time-Work-Efficiency for work and time problems with example, some of other problems in this regard should be entertain by the aspirants which are very important from IBPS SBI RRB exam 2016 point of view. Thus, we have decided to present work and time lesson 2 (as per demand of our readers). This lesson includes certain problems discussed by the aspirants in the comment box.
Problem 1: A & B can do a piece of work in 10 days, B & C can do the same piece of work in 20 days, C & D can do the same piece of work in 30 days and D & A can do the same piece of work in 40 days, then how many days they can take together to complete this work.

Solution 1: Prepare the table as given below.
Person                        Time (days)                Work (LCM)               Efficiency (Work/Time)
A & B                           10                                                                    12
B & C                          20                                120                              6
C & D                          30                                                                    4
D & A                          40                                                                    3
Total (2A + 2B + 2C + 2D)                                                                25
Total 2(A + B + C + D)                                                                      25 [Taking common]
Total (A + B + C + D)                                                                                    25/2=12.5
Work & Time (Trick 2) Math Short Cut Trick
In this lesson, we are discussing those problems which are based on ‘AND’ and ‘OR’ possibilities. Without consuming your precious time, lets us discuss the top most used math short cut trick to solve such problems. The math short cut trick which we are going to use to solve these problems is given as follows:
These examples are solved by using the same math short cut trick as discussed in previous lesson (Lesson 1).
Problem 1: 3 men or 4 boys or 5 women do a work in 50 days. Then, in how many days, 2 men, 2 boys and 2 women will do the same piece of work.
Solution: This is given in the statement or problem:
Days                           AND                                                                OR
                        Men     Boys   Women                                   Men     Boys   Women
60                    2          2          2                                              3          4          5
Using Math Short Cut Tricks for Work & Time (Trick 2): Put Men/Men, Boys/Boys and Women/Women in AND & OR.