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Haryana JBT Adhoc List 2018 Waiting Joining Latest News

On 25th August 2018 Haryana School Education Board has released the physical document verification for the post of junior basic teacher advertisement 2/2012 category Number 1 on official website. 

The physical verification of document has been scheduled to be held on 11th September 2018. The roll number wise list of candidate has been provided for the document verification which can be downloaded from the link given here. 

Physical document verification schedule roll number wise list

Latest news on 22nd August 2018 - The good news is that Haryana school education is going to release the promotion list of JBT to TGT today on official website the list will be available within 24 hours on school education official website. The transfer of JBT teachers has also been scheduled in which those JBT teachers who have completed 3 year service can take part in transfer process. On the basis of seat vacant after this newly selected JBT may be appointed by the department. 

Latest News (24.07.2018) -  Haryana JBT Waiting List 2018 Joining Updates - 400 पद और भी मिले रिक्त अब JBT Waiting अध्यापकों की जोइनिंग का रास्ता साफ़ -
 Haryana Government is in action to find the vacant posts across the state in order to join the waiting candidates (both 2011 & 2013) on adhoc basis. A notice of counseling has been uploaded on the official website in this regard which can be downloaded from the link given here.
Check Notice regarding counseling of selected candidates in both the cadre 
Haryana JBT Waiting Joining updates can be read from the image given below - 
Haryana JBT Waiting Joining updates

Latest News (23.07.2018) - Haryana JBT waiting candidates may get appointment for the posts of JBT Teacher on Adhoc Basis. 
Read the news given in below image.
Haryana JBT Adhoc List 2018

Latest News (15.07.2018) - 

Haryana JBT Waiting List Latest News

Latest News (06.07.2018) - Selected Candidates list for Haryana JBT Teachers - 
Selected Candidates List 

Latest news on 6th April 2018 - Haryana JBT waiting joining latest update -
Haryana school education board has uploaded notification for thumb verification absentee in the final list of haryana JBT joining on official website www.schooleducationharyana.gov.in.
The last chance is provided on 24th April 2018 to the attendees of thumb and signature verification to get present or claim on the selected JBT Teacher seat. How many countries have been already provided to the candidates. This chance maybe the last chance.
It is expected that haryana JBT building joining maybe occur in the month of May after the declaration of vacant seat left due to absence of thumb and signature verification of selected candidates. It may be assumed that waiting 2011 candidate may claim on the vacant seat according to the merit list number provided in the Haryana JBT joining 2011 Selection list and similarly waiting 2013 candidate McLean the seat of merit list of Haryana JBT 2013 selection list.

Based on the merit number of the candidate, the candidates may be called for appointment on adhoc basis for Haryana JBT Teacher Joining 2018.
Nothing can be said surely about Haryana JBT Joining Process. The candidates are suggested to keep calm and updated about the recruitment process conducted by Haryana school education board.
Don't panic and think positive regarding Haryana JBT joining by waiting 2011 2013 and no merit list, FSL pending List candidates.
Some concrete and authentic news may be provided by school education of Haryana after 24th April 2018 regarding the recruitment of Haryana JBT teacher joining and appointment. 

Latest News (10.03.2018) -  Haryana JBT Adhoc List Released now - 
Download List of candidates appointed on Adhoc Basis

Latest news (16.02.2018) - The waiting is still waiting for their appointment / joining on the seat the left over / vacant seat generated after verification process of thumb & signature conducted by HBSE. 
They can be selected for Adhoc posts on these vacant posts. 
This process may take time and it is predicted that they may get joining on or before the new session i.e. April 2018.
Haryana JBT Latest Updates -      

Haryana JBT Low Merit List Joining 2018 Latest News

Latest news (10.02.2018) -


 Latest news (28.07.2017) -Hearing Denied by the court on Haryana JBT Joining - 
अदालत ने हरियाणा जेबीटी मामले पर सुनवाई अस्वीकृत की -

Latest News (09.06.2017) - JBT Low merit list Joining News -
Haryana JBT Low merit list news

Latest News (07.06.2017) - Haryana JBT Lower Merit + Waiting (2011) News -
HSSC Waiting Joining news

Latest News (21.05.2017) - Protest against combined merit list might be commenced - 
Haryana JBT waiting news

Latest News (18.05.2017) - Haryana JBT Combined Merit List Latest News
Haryana JBT combined merit list news
Latest News (14.05.2017) -
Haryana JBT news for waiting list candidates

Latest News (08.05.2017): Almost no chance for Haryana JBT Waiting List Joining under advt. 2012
The honorable high court has declared the decision on petition file by HTET 2013 that a new combined merit list for selected candidates 2011 and 2013 will be published. The joining will be made according to this combined merit list.
However, the next hearing is to be made on 10th May 2017.

Latest News on 06.05.2017 -
सभी नव चयनित जेबीटी टीचर्स को 15 मई तक स्टेशन दे दिए जाएंगे |
ऐसा कहा गया है कि कंप्यूटर में सभी जानकारियां एकत्रित की जा रही है और जल्द ही हिसाब लगाकर 15 मई तक सभी जेबीटी शिक्षकों को स्टेशन दे दिए जाएंगे |

Latest News - Haryana JBT Waiting List Latest News -

नव चयनित जेबीटी टीचर्स की जॉइनिंग पर लगी याचिका पर सुनवाई 8 मई को होगी |
सूत्रों के अनुसार यह माना जा रहा है कि किसी भी आधार पर रुकेगी होगी और ना ही रद्द हो सकेगी |
लगभग सभी चयनित अध्यापकों के  दस्तखत और अंगूठे के मिलान की प्रक्रिया लगभग पूरी हो चुकी है और हरियाणा स्टाफ सिलेक्शन कमीशन जल्द ही एक नई लिस्ट जारी करने वाला है  यह लिस्ट HTET 2013 की होगी या  वेटिंग वालों की इस विषय पर Confusion अभी बरकरार है
Haryana JBT Waiting List Joining News -

जेबीटी टीचर की जॉइनिंग को हरियाणा एंड पंजाब हाई कोर्ट में चुनौती दी गई है |  इससे पहले कोर्ट ने हरियाणा सरकार को यह निर्देश भी दिया था कि शिक्षकों की नियुक्ति पत्र में हाईकोर्ट के अंतिम फैसले पर निर्भरता को भी लिखा जाएगा |
पंजाब एवं हरियाणा हाईकोर्ट में सुनवाई की तारीख को 10  मई तक स्थगित किया है |

Haryana TGT PGT PRT Promotion List 2016 Station Allotment Latest News

Haryana JBT Final Selection List 2016
Haryana JBT to TGT Promotion Latest News (21.06.2016): In the protest of Haryana Government Station Allotment List of promoted JBT to TGT Teachers without counselling, the teachers will show restriction on road, according to the latest news published in Amar Ujala newspaper. Earlier these teachers have protested on 16th June 2016 at Panchkula.
haryana jbt tgt promotion list news

haryana tgt pgt promotion list latest news
Haryana JBT Promotion List 2016 (21.06.2016): The latest news is that Haryana Government has uploaded the promotion list of JBT (PRT) to TGT and TGT to PGT on the website portal at www.hssc.gov.in. This promotion list of JBT to TGT has been uploaded without conducting counselling by the commission. The complete and latest news can be read and downloaded from the image provided on this page.

Haryana JBT Joining News 2016 Appointment Letter on Harprathmic.gov.in

Delay in Haryana JBT Joining
Delay in Haryana JBT Joining
Haryana JBT Teacher Joining news  (19.05.2016): Haryana JBT Teacher are continually protesting on 04th day in Panchkula, Haryana. See below image.

Haryana JBT Teacher Joining News (16.06.2016): Haryana newly selected JBT tried to encompass CM's Residence on 15.05.2016. The police did lathicharge and water canon to move them away to the destination. Read full news in below image.

Haryana JBT Protest /Ansan News (15.05.2016): The latest news is that Haryana Newly selected JBT have taken a major step of agitation /Ansan (Amran) started on 15.05.2016 at Punchkula till the joining of these candidates. Now the present situation is that Haryana JBT candidates are unemployed and now waiting for their joining. Read complete news in the image.

Haryana JBT Joining Latest News (03.05.2016): The latest news is that Haryana JBT Joining may be delayed to JBT inter-district transfer process has been stopped now. Besides that PAS has planned to show agitation on 03rd May 2016 in Panchkula (Haryana) against this delay in Haryana JBT Joining process. Read the complete news in the image provided here.
Haryana JBT Joining Latest News (02.05.2016): The joining process will be started very shortly. Read the news provided in the image here.
Haryana JBT Joining News on 02.05.2016
Haryana JBT Joining News on 02.05.2016

Haryana JBT Teacher Joining News2
Haryana JBT Teacher Joining Latest News
Haryana JBT Teacher Joining News1
Haryana JBT Teacher Joining News1

Haryana JBT Joining News  (26.04.2016): P&H high court has taken action against officers for not completing thumb impression verification in 10 weeks after 05th August 2015. Read news in below image.

Haryana JBT Station Allotment News (25.04.2016): As per latest news, Haryana Prathmic or HSSC is under process to prepare the list of Haryana JBT Teacher station allotment by giving preference to women present in Haryana JBT selection list and waiting list. HSSC is going to uploaded JBT teacher station allotment list in the next week on hssc.gov.in. The appointment letters would be distributed after the station allotment made by HSSC.
From Etc news, read image given here.
Besides that Thumb impression verification last date for Absentees: 28.04.2016

Haryana JBT Teacher Joining News (20.04.2016): The biggest news has been updated by Haryana Government that as Haryana JBT/ PRT teacher joining will be very shortly for first 3700 JBT candidates who have qualified in thumb impression verification and the rest of candidates are under process of thumb impression matching/ verification to be made by the selection penal (Haryana Prathmic). The newly selected Haryana JBT Teachers have been divided into three parts; 9544 JBT selected on 14th August 2014 (1st), 400 JBT of Waiting list (2nd) & HTET 2013 passed 2212 JBT Teachers. Earlier Haryana & Punjab High Court has removed the ban on Haryana JBT joining issue. Now, these newly selected Haryana JBT Teachers are waiting for their appointment letter and joining formalities to be made by the government very shortly. Keep visiting us to get latest updates on Haryana JBT Joining 2016.
Read haryana PRT joining news in given image.

 Haryana JBT Appointment Letter/ Station Allotment List (11.04.2016): The newly selected Haryana JBT teachers appointment / station allotment are under process in which priority level is getting measured by officials.
Haryana JBT APPOINTMENT NEWS (18.04.2016)
haryana JBT appointment news

Haryana JBT appointment letter news

Haryana JBT Joining date (08.04.2016): The breaking news has been published by the newspaper (Amarujala) that the joining of newly selected Haryana JBT Teachers will be given up to 27th April 2016. The counseling for station allotment for newly selected Haryana JBT candidates have been going on to know the vacancies available in government schools and to be completed about two to three weeks. You are advised to read complete news to get latest news of Haryana JBT joining on the image provided below.

Haryana JBT Joining date
Haryana JBT Joining date
Haryana JBT joining Latest News (02.04.2016): Haryana PRT joining News is that 3347 candidates whose thumb impression has matched will be given appointment / joining first and the rest will be appointed after verification of signature of the candidates.

Haryana JBT Selection Latest News
Haryana JBT Selection Latest News
 Haryana JBT joining latest news (09.04.2016): The surplus guest teacher and vacancy list is getting prepared by the board.

Haryana JBT Joining Latest News (07.04.2016): According to the news published in various newspapers the Haryana PRT joining will be made in few days now. The first selection joining list will be available very soon for 3347 JBT teacher whose thumb impression has been matched in the verification program organized earlier. The joining or allotment of remaining newly selected candidates will receive joining letter within a period of 10 weeks (as per court order- after the stay removal date I.e. 31 March 2016.

Haryana Primary Teacher Joining News - Advt. 2/2012 Waiting List Regular Latest / Updates

Haryana JBT Bharti Joining / Cancellation News
Haryana JBT Bharti Joining / Cancellation News

Haryana JBT Promotion List 2016 (28.04.2016): Finally, Haryana Education Department has uploaded promotion list of 2090 TGTs who has been promoted as PGT on schooleducationharyana.gov.in on 27.04.2016. The TGT to PGT promotion list can be downloaded from direct link given below.
Download Haryana TGT to PGT promotion list 2016

Haryana JBT Teacher Promotion  List: The big breaking news is that Haryana Government has uploaded the promotion list in which JBT teachers has promoted as TGT Teachers on 18th March 2016. In this promotion list, 49 Science Teachers, 14 Physical Education Teachers, 7 Home Science Teacher and 3 Art Teachers have been promoted on vacant seats available in various government schools in Haryana. Those candidates who are eagerly waiting for Haryana JBT Promotion List 2016; they can download this promotion list from the direct link given here. 
Haryana JBT inter district Transfer List 2016: Available Now on 04.04.2016 at harprathemic.gov.in.

On 23.01.2016: Promotion List of Haryana JBT to TGT Teachers 
Download JBT to TGT Promotion List 2016
Haryana JBT Transfer List: Haryana Govt. has planned for inter district transfer of existing JBT and the transfer counseling is scheduled on 08, 09 & 11 April 2016.
 Haryana JBT Joining date: Finally, the case on joining issue has been dismissed on 31.03.2016. The joining list of newly selected candidates may be available in the first week of April 2016 on harprathemic.gov.in.RRead the full news of Haryana JBT Joining provided in the above image.
 Haryana JBT Joining News CFSL File Case (29.03.2016): on today's hearing on CFSL case of Haryana JBT joining has been held in which CFSL report was presented and submitted to P&H high court. The opponents asked one day to read CFSL report to the court. Thus the final hearing will be organized on 31st March 2016 in P&H high court on issue of Haryana JBT joining.

 Latest News (21.03.2016): Haryana JBT Joining news /appointment date - In order to stop AMRAN ANSAN made by Haryana newly selected JBT teachers, it is announced by Haryana Government that final decision is to be declared on 29th March 2016 by the P &H High court and Haryana JBT Appointment letter will be distributed on 02nd April 2016. Read the full news in the image given below:

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Haryana JBT Joining News Hearing Status on 18.03.2016: No CFSL report has been submitted by Haryana government on hearing scheduled on 18th March 2016. Thus, P&H High court has shifted the case to a new hearing which is going to be organized on 29th March 2016. This JBT hearing is assumed be final hearing for Haryana JBT joining status in P&H high court.

Haryana JBT Joining Day-to-day news & updates: On 11.03.2016: The good news to all Haryana JBT newly selected candidates that P & H High Court has convinced that the selection list provided was entirely correct and JBT final selection list will be announced on 18th March 2016.
On 26.02.2016: The next hearing will be held on 01st March 2016 in Punjab & Haryana High Court on the issue of JBT / PRT Teachers in Haryana.
On 17.02.2016: The final result declaration on Haryana JBT Joining case by P & H High court will be announced on 23rd February 2016.
On 11.02.2016: The next hearing of P & H high court is on 17.02.2016. So keep calm and wait for joining list of Haryana JBT/ PRT.
On 09.02.2016: Last Chance of thumb Verification Schedule- 17.02.2016
On 04.02.3016: The latest news is that Haryana JBT Bharti joining is under court decision pending on either bharti cancellation or approval to display final selection list. The Punjab & Haryana high court hearing on plea on cancellation JBT / PRT Bharti has been conducted on  04th & 05th February 2016. The next hearing will be held on 10th Feb 2016. The full news can be read on the image provided below.

Latest Updates (09.01.2016): The decision of Haryana JBT joining is pending by Honorable Punjab & Haryana High Court and appointment/ joining news is likely to be published in Feb/ Mar 2016. The latest update is that Haryana JBT Selected 2012 waiting candidates and HTET 2013 qualified candidates have got permission to get appointment / joining on the vacant posts which is 16254 posts available in Haryana government schools.
HSSC Taxation Inspector Admit card 2016
On 15th December 2015: The selection list of newly selected Haryana JBT teachers will be available before starting news academic session of 2016-17. The selection process is under investigation of verification of original documents  of 9455 selected candidates for Haryana PRT posts. According to the Haryana Government, the final appointment / joining will be given in March 2015 after completion of verification of originality of the candidates. 
  • Final Selection / Joining List released date: March 2015