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The error contains at least five question in any SSC IBPS TET Exam which are easy to score good marks in any Exam. Error in Sentences confuses aspirants because of skipping/omitting rules of English Grammar. These rule should be on finger tips to find any error in the sentences. These rules are provided for the aspirants for their better understanding of English grammar. 

English Short Cut Tricks are provided to get good score in upcoming exams Banks/Teachers. These English Short Cut Tricks are prepared on the basis of REVISE ONCE - MEMORIZE FOREVER format to the candidate so that they can solve questions in exam quickly and accurately.
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How to Remember these English Short Cut Grammar Rules on Finger Tips:
Memory tips to cram these rule are the use of acronyms which means the first letter of each rule. Lets say "SSRRAP" this word can be converted into as per aspirants convenience such as "SARP
Chapter 1: ARTICLE
Use of The:
1.      Specified /definite person:
Example:  He is the man who has given me one thousand rupees.
2.      Before the names of countries starting with United/Republic/States.
Example: The United States of America
3.      We don’t use article “The” before the name of any languages. They represent the people of the country associated with that language.
Example: The French, The English, The French defeated the English.
4.      Before the names of Religious Books
Example: The Geeta
5.      Before the names of Rivers
Example: The Ganga
6.      Before the plural names of mountains, countries & persons.
Example: The Himalaya’s, The Neitherlands, The Americans
7.      The + Adjective
Example: The poor, The rich
8.      The + Proper Noun
Example: Kalidas is the Shakespeare of India.
Use of A and An:
1.      A is used before a consonant.

Example: A lion.
2.      An is used before a vowel

Example: An owner
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