SOLVE CLOZE TEST by English Short Cut Tricks - Solve Cloze Test by 4 Steps in Seconds

Tricks are the shortest way by which a candidate can't only score qualifying marks but can confirm name in cut-off list as well. These Tricks to score qualifying/maximum marks in English Section are describe below.
Cloze Test  is one of the mandatory part in English Section in SSC/IBPS Exams. It has found that most of the candidate are not able to even qualify rather than scoring qualifying or maximum mark in English Section.
Fastest English Short Cut Tricks -

It depends up on understanding of English Language and good command over vocabulary to sense the meaning of paragraph to solve it more effectively and efficiently. There are many ways/strategy to solve a cloze test of any comprehensive paragraph. Some of them are discussed on the basis of solving more than 100 cloze tests in an effective and efficient manner which will help you to get good score in entrance examination.
Four Remember Points to Solve Cloze Test  in English Language
It includes the following steps.
English Short Cut Tricks -Step 1: Read Complete Passage & mark the unknown words
Read the complete passage thoroughly and get the rough idea about the theme of the passage and mark the most difficult words or words about which you don’t know. Note them down in note book during practice with its meaning and always revise these words before solving any cloze test because these words may be revised.
English Short Cut Tricks - Step 2: Logical Relation between the provided options
Find the logical relationship to each other or all the sentences provided in the options. It is found that one or two words provided in the options are irrelevant to the described contents and rest two may be almost similar in meaning but a little change depends up on time, position etc.
English Short Cut Tricks - Step 3: Eliminations unnecessary words from provided options
Put these options in the sentence and try to find the sense of the sentence. If it fits then you will find the answer. Don’t get confused while answering any sentence. Go to the depth of your mind and take a peaceful and confident decision with taking care that it is right or wrong.
English Short Cut Tricks- Step 4: Practice Practice Practice
Check out your cloze test with answers and note your marks with date. Do the practice of at least 4-5 cloze every day and check your progress.
Practice can only the process by which any problem can be tackle. There is no short cut for success and only use of strategy can help you to get easy win.

Keep one thing in Mind: A Perfect Practice can make the Perfect man.